Kikka Digga

Kikka Digga is Easy to Use


Welcome Relief for Gardeners

Enjoy pain-free digging with this versatile fork and spade attachment

Kikka Digga is the perfect addition to your gardening tools:
  • Assists soil breaking and lifting
  • Enables you to work upright
  • Suitable for general digging tasks
  • Use for digging, weeding or aerating
  • Incorporates a foot pedal to aid soil insertion
  • Levered design prevents painful back bending

‘Very good tool to have in your garden or allotment. Very easy and comfy to use.’

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Kikka Digga is simply an attachment, which you can attach to a standard gard en fork or spade.

Kikka Digga fits on standard forks and spades with a shaft diameter of up to 1.5” (38mm). It is unsuitable for the Fiskars range of garden forks and spades.

Kikka Digga has been designed as an attachment that can be reattached whenever you like.

Kikka Digga attaches to the forged section of forks and spades, sitting on the tool shaft’s strongest part. Reasonable use will prevent any breakage.

Kikka Digga has been designed for general digging tasks on compacted soil/earth. It is unsuitablefor large shrub or tree roots, rocks and paving slabs.


Easy to attach and detach